Upcoming Lectures

Global symposium on Periodontology and Implantology in Taiwan

Presentation FlyerThe intended outcome of the symposium is to Improve the global awareness of periodontal disease through the exchange of clinical experience, and scientific information.

Date: November 22-24th in Taipei, Taiwan

Lecture 1: Challenges and Solutions of Periodontal and Implant Therapy

Summary: Panel discussion among thought leaders in the field representing different areas of the world. Asia the US and Europe will all be represented.

Lecture 2: Improving Team Collaboration and Treatment Outcomes Through Integration of 3D Technology

Summary: A clinical topic that highlights the advantages of technology in treatment planing, surgical planing and prosthetic outcomes in dental implant treatment.


  • Gain Better Understanding of the Collaborative Benefits of 3D Technology
  • Merging of Technologies to Facilitate Interactive Tx Planing
  • Static Guides (Workflow, Indications, Cost & Accuracy)
  • Dynamic Navigation Surgery (Define, Workflow, Indications, Accuracy & Cost)