Financial Policy

The Cost of Periodontal and Implant Care

Every patient’s situation is different which is why we begin with a consultation where we present all possible costs upfront and help you figure out insurance benefits. We are proud to offer quality care at an inexpensive cost with pricing options to fit every budget.

The Cost of NOT Having Perio/Implant Care

Dental implants and gum treatments allow you to eat the foods you love and smile with confidence. Clearly, the cost of not being able to speak and laugh with a full set of teeth and healthy gums is astronomical. For decades, we at Perio Health and Dental Implants have put a high value on caring for patients and restoring their smiles with only the best oral care.

Financing the Cost of Perio/Implant Care

We offer a variety of options to our patients and their families to ensure that they get the care that they need when purchasing affordable, quality periodontal and implant care. A quick phone call to our office will help you understand the financing options available to you. Dunmore office Phone Number 570-344-3344

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